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Why should the strap of the All Sport go high on the crown of the head?

This is the most effective way to hold the mask on. other mask hang on the top of your nose causing pain and discomfort. This way the mask and strap turns with your head and will not loose seal. It will not rub on the back of your neck when you turn your head. It turns with your head and does not work against you.

Why does the Wolfsnout® mask fit under the nose?

The patented under nose fit is one of the best features of the mask.

It does not vent under goggle or eye wear fogging them up.

It does not use the bridge of your nose to hold it up.

It does not need nose clamps to seal it over your nose.

It will not pinch your nose shut making it difficult to breathe through your nose.

It will not interfere with goggles causing them to sit awkwardly or cause discomfort to your nose.

It will not prevent goggles from sealing, thus it prevents dust from getting in that would irritate your eyes.

How do I wash my Wolfsnout dusk mask?

The best way to wash your reusable mask is with lukewarm water and a dish soap. For sensitive skin you can also use an unscented soap of your choice. Hang to dry.

How do I clean my goggles?

We recommend using lukewarm water and dish soap. For sensitive skin, any unscented soap of choice will also work. Make sure to pat the lens dry right after washing. Using hot water or letting water sit on the lens could cause the anti-fog film to become damaged.

Will this mask fog my goggles like others I have tried?

No. Since the mask does not fit under your goggles, your breath is not directed into them like the over the nose masks on the market. Your breath easily dissipates through the bottom.

Does the nose cover let you breathe through your nose?
Do the Wolfsnout® goggles fit over prescription glasses?

Yes! Both style goggles we offer fit over most prescription glasses. The Ground Force style fits with glasses best in comparison to the Evader goggles.

How effective are the Cool Cab Kits and Back Seat Heat Shields?

If installed correctly, the Back Seat Heat Sheild and Cool Cab Kit together can cut temperatures down 20 to 40 degrees. The cool cab kit on its own will prevent your drinks from getting hot as fast and will cut down the heat at your feet.

What is the Back Seat Heat Sheild made of?

The interior is neoprene rubber that goes acres the back of the seats and underneath them. The back side is made of a mylar bubble installation laminated between the interior rubber and a heat/sound insulating aluminum.

Does the Back Seat Heat Sheild help with dust entering the cab?

Yes, a lot of dust blows in from behind the seats, so the Heat Sheild will cut down the dust entering the cab.

Does the Back Seat Heat Sheild cut down any noise from the engine?

Yes, the heat shield is lined with heat and sound insulation.

Should I order the All Sport dust mask or the Pro Sport dust mask?

The Pro Sport mask is made to fit under a full-face helmet. The strap clips onto your shirt, while the helmet holds it in place. However, if you are using an open face helmet or no helmet, we recommend the All Sport.

Where can I find installation directions?

Our product videos can be found under the “Video” tab, or on the individual product page.

What is the difference between the landscaping goggles and the off-road goggles?

The off-road goggles feature a triple layer anti-dust lining, where as the landscaping goggles feature a single layer. This is because the off-road goggles are made for fast-paced  movement, so the extra laying will not cause fog. The landscaping goggles are for slower paced movement, so the extra layers would cause fogging if used for landscaping.

Is there a difference between the Pro XP Cool Cab Kit and the Pro Ultimate Cool Cab Kit?

Yes. The Ultimate kit has different slits for wiring that the Pro does not.

How long before an order usually ships?

During most of the year order usually ship the same day, or within 3 days. However, during the summer it can take up to a week to ship due to higher-than-normal sales volume. If you’d like your order in time for a specific ride, you can always email us so we can rush your order. All products are made in house in the U.S. so if we have material readily available, we ship as soon as possible.