Cool Cab Kit for RZR Pro R



Wolfsnout Cooler cab kit for RZR Pro R. We all feel the heat. Sometimes its unbearable in the summer. Nice to have in the winter. This kit seals and insulates the console on you Polaris Pro R by deflecting hot air from entering the cab through the tunnel. Insulating foam with a radiant barrier, and a rubber seal to stop the hot air. No more burning hot shifter and console. Drinks stay cool! Also check out our front fender and dash seal kit, rear firewall insulator and sound seal for further cool cab™ comfort. The Turbo R uses the same kit as the Pro XP. You can find it under Pro xp.

Pro R 4

Install Directions


NOTE: This part should be installed last


NOTE: If the plastic surface on the machine has ever been treated with a silicone based plastic preserver, the tape may not adhere. If you have, 3M adhesion promoter will help with adhesion. Also, below 70 degrees it is advised to warm the tape for better adhesion with a blow dryer or heat gun.

  1. Clean all outer perimeters with rubbing alcohol and apply provided double sided tape, as shown in the taping diagram below.
  2. This part slides under the air duct and turns up at the front of the back seats. Fitting around the air duct and attaching to the seat belt loops.
  3. The C shaped cut out will slip down on the carrier bearing bracket.
  4. Peel and stick the adhesive tape into place, making sure the surface is clean.
  5. The front of the seal should fit just in front of the push pin holes that hold the console, so the push pins can be reinstalled.
  6. Attach the front of this piece to the third section coming from the front seat using gorilla tape.
  7. Ensure everything is completely sealed before reinstalling the console.


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