Under Cover CVT Filter And/Or Quick Access Kit for RZR Turbo and Dynamix



Reusable/washable filter foam CVT filter for Polaris RZR Turbo 2016-2019.

Filter is for the CVT  Side only.    Quick access kit is for both sides.

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Introducing The New SET:


Wolfsnout® UNDER COVER clutch/CVT filter system

Intake and Air Box Wash Plugs

Filters out dust, mud and even muddy water.  Effective in all weather conditions. For Polaris  RZR TURBO 2016-2020

The new Wolfsnout® Patent pending “Under Cover” clutch/CVT filter  system for Polaris Turbo models.  Finally an inexpensive CVT Filter  that fits under the intake cover of our Turbo’s.  If you Don’t use one of these your running a lot of flack through your CVT system.  See the pictures above.   

High air flow with excellent filtration. Washes out in minutes with water!      These great new products install in a minute and require zero modifications or dis-figuration’s to your machine.  They fit right under your clutch air intake cover/bezel.  One CVT  filter covers both intake holes.   While another elongated filter,  filter the engine in take. It is washable, reusable, and far less expensive that other  Pre-filter set ups.

Quick access kit/sold seperately

Kit includes 2  6mm screws that replace the stock rear bezel screws. Allowing for it to secure the body panel from underneath the bezel.  (not need to hold the bezel in place).  2 rubber plugs to cover the holes were the stock screws once were, giving a finished look.  A thumb screw is included for the front fastener.  Kit also includes wash plugs for both intakes.

Intake and Air Box Wash Plugs

Clean your air box without getting water or mud in your intake. These specially designed wash plugs make it easy! Kit includes 1 cvt plug, 1 engine intake plug. Low cost insurance for expensive parts.  If you have concerns of mud blocking off the frog skin, don’t worry it’s pulling plenty of air and rocks and dirt around the bottom of the cover. This is a product will also fit 1000 xp and xp4 with  the taller bezel upgrades. (Turbo Bezels)


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