Ground Force Landscaping Goggles/Quick Tint Lens/All Sport Dust Mask Trio



“Breathe Better… See Better… Work Longer!”

Designed to fit over  glasses.

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Ground Force Landscaping Goggles/Quick Tint Lens/All Sport Dust Mask Trio

The perfect goggle set for any outdoor activity. The Ground Force Landscaping Goggles/Quick Tint Lens/All Sport Dust Mask Trio offers everything you need for clear vision and easy breathing while working or playing outdoors. The goggles are anti fog as well as anti scratch for lasting durability and the choice of lenses insures you have the proper protection for any light condition. The All Sport Dust Mask provides cool, comfortable and easy breathing while also easy to clean and re-use.

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Ground Force Landscaping Goggles/Quick Tint Lens/All Sport Dust Mask Trio TODAY!

Ground Force Landscaping Goggles

Our New Premium Landscaping Goggle has a universal fit that will fit over prescription eye wear
Triple filtered larger air vents keep the dust out and the air flowing
High tolerance, with a tapered seat for effective lens sealing preventing dust from entering around the lens. Inside filter foam, also serves to seal the lens at the pinch points
Nose shield prevents dust from getting in from the nose bridge area
Pre-curved 100% virgin polycarbonate lens for clear optics
Anti-scratch outside anti-fog inside
Triple layer face seal with a micro fleece liner for superior sweat management and comfort
Impact resistance that exceeds all ANSI Z87.1 standards for high-velocity
Exceeds EN 1938 standards for MX goggles
Wide-angle frame provides maximum field of view
UV protection that blocks 100% of all UVA/UVB/UVC light
Replacement lenses are available.
Comes with clear lens only and our Patent Pending Quick Tint lens, sold separately
The Landscaping All Sport Wolfsnout Dust Mask

Designed to fit over your prescription glasses.  

Quick Tint Lenses

COMES AS A SET OF TWO (1-Light Grey Smoke & 1-Dark Grey Smoke)

The Quick Tint Lenses fit over the front of the goggles and let you go from clear to light gray to dark gray in seconds. Each Quick lens set comes with one light gray and one dark gray.


Are you sick of breathing in dust and dirt when you work or play?  I was sick of coughing up dirt too. We all deserve to have a good time, but not at the expense of our health.  After trying everything available to find nothing could stand up to the demands, I invented the Wolfsnout® landscaping-dust-mask to protect my son and I while working outdoors. Over the last 7 years  my customers input  and my vast experience helped to perfect the masks and the means to manufacture it. Over the years they have been Landscaper and home use proven, and we have gone from garage to factory. Your purchase today is guaranteed …You love it, or send it back for a full refund.
Tim Wilcox, founder, Wolfsnout llc.  A USA manufacturing company.

How It’s Different• Exhaled air easily whisks away through the bottom while you work or play!

• Will NOT cause LENS FOG related to restricted air flow forcing breath under eye wear.
• Does not trap heat/Co2 like fabric, paper and neoprene.
• Can not cause discomfort to the bridge of your nose, or pinch your nose closed.
• Turns with your head, and does not work against your neck. You get full range of motion.
• Extra soft moister wicking face seal.
• Unbeatable comfort.
• Washable and reusable with a few drops of mild hand soap (Avoid harsh cleaners or detergents)…A lasting value.
• Unbeatable Performance 100% Guaranteed!
• Great for all landscaping and outdoor activities where dust, sand and debris are present.

It’s easy to rinse out the dust, dirt and grime from those dirty forest trails or sandy dunes without expensive dust mask filters to replace, and no masks to throw away! Just wash your landscaping-dust-mask with some soap and water and squeeze out the excess water and you’re good to go – you can even wear it wet!

Wearing Your Landscaping-Dust-Mask

The strap should be placed high on the crown of your head. This way everything moves together and it will not pull on the back of your neck causing discomfort, and loss of mask seal.

This allows the Landscaping dust mask to stay in place better and not using the top of your nose to hold it up.

This product is not a respirator and should not be used to protect against harmful vapors or particles.

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