Cool Cab Kit Options for RZR Turbo R





Back Seat Heat Shield:

          Made from a 2.5mm butyl rubber with an aluminum foil face insulating soundproofing material, expertly heat-laminated to a rubber backing for exceptional insulating capabilities. This material is precisely die-cut and seamlessly fitted to the full back panel, serving to insulate and effectively block hot air from entering. Additionally, it can easily be removed for air filter access.

           Note: The back seat heat shield is available for individual purchase or as a combination with the Tunnel Kit. Make sure to select the correct product from the dropdown menu to suit your needs.


Cool Cab Kit (Tunnel Kit)

           Designed to seal and insulate the console on your Polaris RZR, it effectively deflects hot air from entering the cab through the tunnel. Creating a sub-tunnel beneath your middle console, this kit channels hot air away from the riders, ensuring your drinks and console storage box remain pleasantly cool. In addition, the tunnel kit also helps keep the shifter linkage and cable clean and free of mud. With insulating foam and a rubber seal, say goodbye to burning hot shifters and consoles – and hello to cool, refreshing drinks

           Note: For optimal results, we highly recommend purchasing the Fender/Dash Kit along with the tunnel kit. However, this kit is also available for separate purchase. Please ensure that you select the correct product from the dropdown menu.


 Fender and Dash Kit

Crafted from high-quality insulating materials, this kit is precisely cut to fit your machine, effectively sealing off all significant points where hot air can enter. Not only will it keep the hot radiator air off you, but it will also prevent steam from billowing in on you during water crossings. It seals under your skid plate, in your dash, and through your fenders, ensuring that radiator heat no longer infiltrates your cab.

Note: While this kit can be purchased separately, for optimal performance, we highly recommend installing both the tunnel kit and this kit together. Be sure to select the correct product from the dropdown menu.

Deluxe Cool Cab Kit:

           For the best riding experience try the Deluxe Cool Cab Kit, featuring the Back Seat Heat Shield, Tunnel Kit, and Fender/Dash Kit.

This combo ensures maximum comfort by sealing off and blocking hot air entry from behind the seats, through the middle console, and across the dash and fenders.

         Note: The Deluxe Cool Cab Kit encompasses all the heat-blocking kits you need for comprehensive protection. While each part is available for individual purchase, for the complete set, select “Cool Cab Kit Deluxe Combo” from the drop-down menu.

These directions also apply for the Turbo R

See Installation/Directions Video for Cool Cab Kit for Pro XP below:

Cool Cab fender seals for the Pro XP. This set will work in conjunction with our dash seal kit already available and are sold separately as well as a full set including the dash seal kit. Not only does this set seal the top of the fenders, but it also seals the bottom where the skid plate meets the opening in the fenders to prevent hot radiator air from entering the cab.  After adding the final piece of the puzzle (the bottom seals) I am pleased to say, it works very well. I have had a lot of people waiting for this and you will not be disappointed.

See Instructional video below:

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