RZR Engine Noise Dampener



Fits RZR Pro XP, Turbo R and Pro R

Make your cab quieter!


RZR Engine Noise Dampener

New! The Wolfsnout® Quiet Cab Kit, engine noise dampening and audio enhancement panels.

Transform your riding experience with our revolutionary solution. When paired with our advanced sound dampening and heat blocking rear firewall seal, this setup significantly reduces engine noise by an impressive 6 to 10 decibels. Experience an audio transformation with our specially designed solution for Pro XP, Turbo R, and Pro R machines.

The unique configuration of our sound dampening material acts as an acoustic enhancer, dampening engine noise to create an immersive audio atmosphere. Say goodbye to distorted conversations and hello to an upgraded riding experience. This product isn’t just about blocking engine noise; it’s about elevating your audio enjoyment on every ride.

Because these newer Polaris models are so loud, our dedicated team conducted extensive research and testing, curating a blend of top-notch, weather-resistant sound-dampening materials. The result? A groundbreaking product designed to effectively block out engine noise while simultaneously enhancing your music. Prepare to notice the remarkable difference in your riding experience.

Our unique inserts, made from sound-dampening materials, fit into the rear fender well like mud-blocking devices. Additional inserts on the upper outside panel further contribute to reducing engine noise, offering a practical solution for a quieter ride.

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